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My husband and I decided to try Garth's Roadmap program to get insight into our financial goals and to see, if in fact, they are achievable.

Garth's program was easy to use and he was always willing to answer questions in a timely manner. The spreadsheets and reports are very helpful in seeing just how our rental portfolio is currently working and where we can make adjustments to get the best performance out of our properties and money. They were easy to fill out and easy to amend to see different scenarios.

This program is great for people who are just starting on their rental property investment journey, or ones that are right in the middle of it like us.

Thanks Garth!

- Tiff and Joe - 2021

I chose Garth as a consultant for my Real Estate investment business after he helped me obtain financing for a rental property as a mortgage broker with Jencor.  Garth’s level of professionalism is unparalleled in the industry, and his sound advice through that process made me realize his value is so much more than just lending.

Garth has been instrumental in my evolution as a real-estate investor.  He has steered me away from many more deals than not, simply by asking the right questions and getting me thinking.  I will never know exactly how much money and headaches he has saved me, but I am positive that the ROI for his services is off the charts!  Avoiding mistakes and pitfalls is why we need to surround ourselves with the best mentors, and Garth is most certainly that.

Garth helped me structure a JV program that has proven instrumental in raising capital for more deals, and has made my investors very happy.  I couldn’t have done it without his expertise and fine-tuning.  Being able to piggy-back on the vast experience and skill-set of of a guy like Garth is truly invaluable.  The depth of his knowledge and expertise is rivalled only by his ability to share it so succinctly.

Would I recommend Garth?  A thousand times, yes! 

- Edan Lindenbach, 2017 -

"Working with Garth on our Roadmap was an educational and profound experience. We worked as a team to create a plan that set out how we could achieve our future financial goals. He worked tirelessly and gave us many different options and scenarios to reach our goals. The information was clear and easy to understand.

Going through the process Garth brought awareness to how much we were spending unnecessarily and for the first time ever we started to budget and take control of our finances. He helped us budget for now and in the future to show how our goals were attainable. We realized we were sitting on assets we didn’t need and Garth showed us how selling them would contribute to our plan. We learned a lot about finances we didn’t know and gained new awareness as to where we actually were financially. The experience allowed us to breathe and gave us peace of mind.

Garth is a true professional whose heart is clearly dedicated to serving his customers."

- Angela and Alex Moreira, 2017 -

"Most mortgage brokers talk about the best rates. Garth talks about longer term strategy first and then looks for the best lender and mortgage product and rate that will support that strategy. This is critical for every investor and home buyer. I hate to sell my real estate but when Garth pointed out that I was earning only a 2% return on my equity in a couple of properties, I sold them. We then purchased two investment properties in Peachland, BC. With the renovation work done the first property alone is already worth 40% more than our all-in cost, and the net income from it is already running at an annualized rate of 9% return on investment! When the second renovation is completed our ROI will be 13.6%. Our retirement is now secure and we have the money to continue to develop our properties and increase our cash flow. If you need some help in defining how you will achieve your financial freedom then check out Garth’s Roadmap to Financial Freedom offering at or email him there at - Well done Garth!"

- Murray Wood, 2017 -

"His business card may say mortgage associate, but make no mistake about it – that’s not what Garth is. Rather, Garth is a problem solver. Through my real estate investing career, I have worked with a handful of mortgage professionals and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they are not all created equal. His past business experience, extensive personal investment experience, and extremely analytical and strategic way of thinking sets Garth apart from every other mortgage professional I have worked with. His understanding of financing strategies is far away the most advanced I’ve ever met, and his ability to see additional financing options from what a simple mortgage associate can provide is unmatched."

- David Sanbrand, Client, 2015 -

"I'm tough to impress having been a real estate lawyer for 35 years. I'm glad to say Garth has impressed me and here are three good reasons why: 1) Garth is knowledgeable and extremely creative; he's a smart guy. 2) Garth has a positive, tenacious get-it-done approach. 3) Garth truly believes in win-win.  I STRONGLY RECOMMEND GARTH"

- Barry McGuire, Ritchie Mill Law Office, 2016 -

"I have had the pleasure of working with Garth on many projects. Garth's experience and expertise are second only to his integrity. Garth's wealth of actual real estate investment experience is an asset for anyone seeking real estate investment advice, including mortgage financing. I highly recommend Garth."

- Jim Hassett, Partner, Hassett & Reid LLP, 2010 -

"Garth is a very knowledgeable and seasoned real estate investor. He had the foresight to sell many assets and reduce his leverage before the market corrected downwards in 2008. This is based on his conservative nature, foresight, insight and connection with 100's of other, more aggressive investors. Garth is a trustworthy individual who can be relied upon for unbiased insights into both equity as well as debt based real estate investments in W-Canada with a focus on Alberta!"

- Thomas Beyer, Properties Group, Majority Owner, President, CEO, 2010 -

Disclosure: Garth Chapman is a licensed Mortgage Advisor with Jencor Mortgage Corporation in Calgary Alberta. Garth is not a Financial Planner. Roadmap should not be considered as a substitute for what a licensed Financial Planner provides. The information contained in this website should not be construed as personalized investment, financial planning, or tax advice.

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