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I believe mortgage financing is a critically important element within the decision to purchase or refinance a property, whether for your primary home, a vacation home, or an investment property.  It’s important to fit that financing decision properly into your financial capacity, needs and objectives.  And it really isn’t that complicated.  It just takes a few minutes to have a dialog and to listen carefully to the borrower’s answers to a few key questions.
I have 29 years of experience in senior management, business ownership and consulting to small business owners, along with 14 years of real estate investment experience.  I have completed a wide range of projects including over 60 profitable property flips (along with 1 that sustained a $4,500 loss and a great lesson), several apartment building condo conversions, major and minor renovation projects, land subdivision, lease-options and agreements-for-sale, a California seasonal rental, and of course we continue to own and operate several rental properties in Calgary.

Transacting well over $25 million in real estate along with another $5 million in property improvements has provided me with a broad range of experience with a wide variety of lenders and financing strategies.

I also co-developed with Brian Crooks the REMA Real Estate software suite to assist investors with analysis of prospective purchases, cash-flow projections and management of their existing properties.

I have been a REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) member since 2003 and during that time have been awarded Top 10 investor awards in 2004, 2005 & 2006.  I was the recipient of the Michael Millenaar Memorial Leadership Award in 2005, 2007 and 2013 – and I Think that makes me the only person to be awarded this honour 3 times. I currently serve on the REIN Advisory Board.

I have been providing Coaching and Consulting Services for Property Investors and Small Business Owners all around Western Canada since 2002, primarily in business and real estate analysis, budgeting, financial projections,business work-outs, and strategic planning.

My first-hand experience in real-estate and business provides my Clients with an uncommon advantage in their search for sound advice, portfolio analysis along with the most appropriate financing solution to fit in with their goals.

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  • "We found the service from Garth and his staff to be beyond exceptional."

    - Jim Osterreicher, 2015

  • "I recommend Garth's services, and refer him often."

    - Robert McLeod, Realtor and Managing Partner, McLeod Project Marketing, 2010

  • "What sets Garth apart from other brokers, is his involvement in your real estate deal."

    - Chris Pryce, Client , 2015

  • "I'm tough to impress having been a real estate lawyer for 35 years. I'm glad to say Garth has impressed me."

    - Barry McGuire, Ritchie Mill Law Office, 2016

  • "Garth's experience and expertise are second only to his integrity."

    - Jim Hassett, Partner, Hassett & Reid LLP, 2010

  • "You've made what has been a nightmare in the past a breeze."

    - Norman Glover, 2013

  • "Garth is not just another mortgage broker."

    - Tony La, Client, 2013

  • "Garth is an experienced knowledgeable kind person who cares for his clients and their overall well being."

    - Linda & Rod Nagata, 2015

  • "I appreciate the amount of time you spent analyzing my mountains of data."

    - Wade Fenner, Edmonton, 2015

  • "Garth is a trustworthy individual who can be relied upon."

    - Thomas Beyer, Properties Group, Majority Owner, President, CEO, 2010

  • "Garth's understanding of financing strategies is far away the most advanced I’ve ever met"

    - David Sanbrand, Client, 2015

    Disclosure: Garth Chapman is a licensed Mortgage Advisor with Jencor Mortgage Corporation in Calgary Alberta. Garth is not a Financial Planner. Roadmap should not be considered as a substitute for what a licensed Financial Planner provides. The information contained in this website should not be construed as personalized investment, financial planning, or tax advice.

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